Friday, August 12, 2011

My One-Year Lilla Rose Anniversary!!!

One year ago today, I naively jumped headfirst into the life of a Lilla Rose consultant. It's been a crazy ride, but loads of fun, as I've met dozens of absolutely amazing ladies!

It all started the previous spring, at our local homeschool convention. While there, with thousands of products and curricula surrounding me, I only bought two things: the One Year Adventure Novel, and a Flexi-8 hair clip. As you can see by my previous post, the One Year Adventure novel was a huge son loved it, and completed his first novel!

As for the Flexi-8, now going by the name "Flexi-Clip;" it was amazing, and I totally fell in love with it! I like to wear my hair up, as it is feminine and out of my way, but with my thick hair, barrettes would either break or pop out, and the plastic claw clip was cheap and ugly!

 My new hair clip was very elegant, and only took seconds to put in...I could be ready for the day in a flash. (Which I needed to be, since homeschooling moms of seven don't have lot of time to spend on their hair!) It worked in all types of hair...from one daughter's super-thick and curly hair, to another one's baby-fine hair! And there were so many beautiful hairstyles that it could do!

Well, that summer, our family went camping, and I lost my Flexi8! I couldn't believe it! I was so lost without it...what would I do with my hair now??? Spend hours straightening it again? No, thanks!

I went to the web and searched for a replacement...when I inquired at the Flexi8 site, I was asked, "You already love the Flexi...why not become a Lilla Rose consultant and sell them yourself?"

Well, why not, indeed? Surely if I loved it so much, others would love it as well! I truly believed the Lilla Rose Flexi-clip was an awesome product...I knew that there were many busy moms out there like me, who didn't have a lot of time for their hair!

And the rest is history...hundreds of moms have discovered the flexi for themselves, and have fallen in love with it as well! I have also made dozens of new friends, and am working with a wonderful team of ladies, who are as excited as I am about sharing it with others!

What a great year it's been!

*Postscript: Wouldn't you know, that as I was packing to go camping again this year, I found that original Flexi8 in my cosmetic bag???

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