Thursday, March 8, 2012

Even American Girl Dolls Love the Flexi-Clip!

Even American Girl dolls love the flexi, because they can do their hair in so many enchanting ways!

To see how to do these adorable hairstyles on your dolls or yourself, watch the Lilla Rose Sizing and Styling videos.  To find out more about the lovely landscape that these sweet dolls are all admiring, go to

And if you are Irish, or just plain love celebrating St. Patrick's Day, you won't want to miss the sweet shamrock Flexi-of-the-Month, "Lucky Four Leaf Clover," for March!

To find out more about the flexi-of-the-month and other lovely hair clips, go to Once you try one, you will wonder how you lived all these years without it!


  1. What a wonderful idea! I should start doing that with my American girl dolls!

  2. Cute post and I LOVE the landscape. Rachel is really developing as an artist. So happy for her.